Our Staff


Christian Barker

The Dreamer

As Creative Director, Christian is responsible for the visual look, feel, and tone that we set in our visual communications. He is an artist, designer, maker, tinkerer, and entrepreneur well suited to work in a constantly changing environment.

Jack Beasley

The Cheerleader

Jack is the Managing Director of the Incubator, responsible for designing and managing the Incubator's programs. He develops strategic partnerships, and oversees the Incubator admissions process, mentoring program, educational programs, and networking opportunities for members.

Caroline Crowder

The Organizer

As Program Coordinator, Caroline is responsible for the organization, modification, and creation of new Incubator programs. She is our "community curator," and assists with communications, event planning, and administrative duties.

Chad Hardaway

The Dot Connector

Chad serves as the connector for all things Incubator, USC, and Columbia. He holds the position of Associate Director at the Incubator, Associate Director of USC’s Office of Economic Engagement, and Director of USC’s Technology Commercialization Office.


Bill Kirkland

The Fearless Leader

Bill serves as our Executive Director at the pleasure of the Incubator’s Board of Directors. Bill spearheads strategic partnerships and guides our relationship with USC. He is also the Executive Director of USC’s Office of Economic Engagement. Bill mentors Incubator companies in strategic and operational planning, business development, and investor management.